Spanish American War Quiz



 1. How long did the Spanish American War last ?

2 Years, 1 month

1 month, 1 week

109 days

300 days


2. Where was the first major battle in the Spanish American War ?


Santiago de Cuba

San Juan Hill



3. What was the most powerful American battleship ?

 USS Iowa

 USS Texas

 USS Maine

 USS Oregon


4. To whom did Hearst say ' You furnish the pictures and I'll furnish the war." ?

President McKinley

Frederic Remington

Winslow Homer

Commodore George Dewey


5. Why was the Spanish Mauser superior to the American Krag-Jorgensen rifle ?

The Krag-Jorgensen rifle was prone to jam

The Mauser was more accurate

The Mauser was more powerful

The Mauser used smokeless gunpowder


6. Which famous author was rejected from joining the Rough Riders ?

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Jack London

Stephen Crane

Henry James


7. The term ' Yellow Journalism' derived from what ?

The yellow ink used for the popular ' Yellow Kid ' cartoon.

The yellow flags used to denote yellow fever quarantine areas .

yellow being another term for cowardly

the yellow color of the Spanish flag.


8. In order to stop the movement of insurrectos or insurgents in Cuba, the Spanish devised a system known as a _____, a wide cleared belt of land, electrically illuminated at night, with blockhouses and garrisoned forts at regular intervals .






9. Which Spanish commander held off American forces at the battle of El Caney for eight hours, despite being outnumbered 12:1 and having no artillery, which the Americans did have ?

Joaquin Vara del Rey

Pascual Cervera y Topete

Patricio Montojo y Pasaron

Arsenio Linares


10. Which of these ships is the USS Maine ?








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