Spanish American War Quiz Answers



 1. How long did the Spanish American War last ?

109 days


2. Where was the first major battle in the Spanish American War ?



3. What was the most powerful American battleship ?

 USS Oregon


4. To whom did Hearst say ' You furnish the pictures and I'll furnish the war." ?

Frederic Remington

5. Why was the Spanish Mauser superior to the American Krag-Jorgensen rifle ?

The Mauser used smokeless gunpowder


6. Which famous author was rejected from joining the Rough Riders ?

Edgar Rice Burroughs


7. The term ' Yellow Journalism' derived from what ?

The yellow ink used for the popular ' Yellow Kid ' cartoon.


8. In order to stop the movement of insurrectos or insurgents in Cuba, the Spanish devised a system known as a _____, a wide cleared belt of land, electrically illuminated at night, with blockhouses and garrisoned forts at regular intervals .



9. Which Spanish commander held off American forces at the battle of El Caney for eight hours, despite being outnumbered 12:1 and having no artillery, which the Americans did have ?

Joaquin Vara del Rey


10. Which of these ships is the USS Maine ? 










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